Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birthday Boy.

Hi Bloggie,

Today is my boyfie birthday.
Kinda sort of what should I make or give a present to my boyfie.
I'm really no idea.
Whatever I think of, he has already bought.
And the remainder is unecessary things that is not realistic.
Hrmmm... what should I give as a present?

No matter what.
Happy Birthday! my baby boyfie!
Love You 150722
The day with out me!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Second aniversary

Hi Bii,

Thanks for being with me for two years.
We gone through lots of laughter and fight.
But no matter how I still love you.
I'm expecting our future long journey.
I don't know how should I thank you always be with me.
I'm so grateful to God given me such a great man.
I promise I will be a better woman.

Last but not least Baby I Love You.

From your love,
Pei Ying

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm so in love with him!

Do you have this experience before?
Each of every time I wanted to make a call or SMS to him,
He was one step earlier to call me when I just want to start taking up my phone.
If it is once or twice I would call it "coincidence"
But this is most of the time and what do this call? =)

He is the man I always dream about,
Who always take care of me, love me, pampered me.
Whenever I always look at him,
I always fall in love with him again and again.
He just like my other part of my magnet.
Whenever he goes I just want to stick with him.
I hope we are bless by everyone.
Thanks Bii! Always love you!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Dream is My Wish!

I had a dream
I have been hallucinated in my own dream and what I always wish for.
I wish I'm a pretty lady with a healthy good looking body!
I wish I could have a single and available man who loves me so much!
I wish that this relationship is blessed by my and his friends and family!
And I always dream about it!

P/S: Btw any suggestion to reduce my weight? I know one of it is exercise =P Please leave comment below. Thanks!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rumor's good or bad?

Do you know that rumors can make you good or harm you in the opposite way?
I learned my lesson for not putting barriers to anyone.
I can be friendly to everyone but people aren't so nice to you. Remember that!
Sometime you just wish to find a listener to tell what you feels,
But ended up your listener become your paparazzi and spreading your news all over the world.
Would they can just listen and forget? or just shut up?
People mouth is vicious.
As they are too free to busybody updating people news, they forgotten what is their purpose to be a listener.
They like to use your feeling and thought to make fun of and entertain the other's.
This really shows no respects on other's privacy!
That was why the elderly has a saying "Do not wash your linear on the public"
If there is something bad happen to you, you shouldn't tell anyone on what you feel to tell.
Choose people wisely to whom you tell.
If can, the ideal choice is tell no one.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finding a Life Partner

Are you the potential guy? attractive guy? talkative guy? or my cup of tea?
I want to find a person who has similar interest with me.

How many out there are willing to do the same things as me?

My dream is to travel and explore the culture outside. Some adventure is not bad. Trying out some extraordinary activities (not paranormal!) such as hiking, camping, jungle trekking maybe flying fox ( I haven't try before). From my budget trip, Pattaya, I love flying with parachute with speed boat although it was a short distance flying in the sky, it was totally exciting! Memorable! I do not dare to experience on my own but if there is someone who accompany me or take a lead I will join in! This must be one of the life experience and you don't want to miss it! On the other hand, I actually don't like much social networking so you can see I prefer to make call rather than messages because most of the time they will sometimes misunderstand what I wrote in the message (=.=) that why I like face to face social rather than social networking. I'm trying to improve mother tough and other languages as well. Honestly I'm bad in making friends and social around. I will try to improve that.

I will try my best to fit in your world and try to experiences what you are experiencing,
But will you do the same to me?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do you feel the same as me?

This is mostly happens on your first love.
Later, certain time or after your first one, you will not feel the same way as before.
A feeling to describe as sparkle.
As a touch on each other, skin to skin or lip to lip, you feel nervous, extra heart beats and some excitement.
I kinda admit! I do enjoyed it! and has been searching for it after my first love.
To feel falling in love again... I guess!
I thought every guy that successful to attract  a girls' attention may give the same result of these feel but I'm wrong maybe Yes for the beginning stage but it only lasted for less than a week then later it eventually got bored. (This is my so-called test drive) and this is why and one of the reason my x changes for less than a month.

Some question being asked to some of my friends
"Why he/she is the chosen one?"
"Why do you like him/her?"
"Which part of him/her that attracts you?"
Their feedback was THE FEEL! (Isn't it mysterious!)

They told me that when the feel of like towards love,
  1. You will misses him all the time (I do but don't know how the guys feel)
  2. Whatever topic can be talk (I don't think so, there will be some topic is filtered)
  3. You will willing to scarify for him. (Maybe and depends on what)
  4. Always give support (It is important for motivation and I need it very much)
  5. Whenever you face difficulties, it will just disappear when you saw your love ones.(This is two guys told me before. It seems like I'm their calmer)

Is above statement true? For me it is almost 80% true.

There is one guy I met in somewhere, he always give me encouragement and comfort me when I'm nervous (I easily get nervous all the time and he knows me very well). He is my calmer. Whenever he is around, I feel safe & secure and able to be comfortable & being myself all the time in front of him. He the one who give me sparkle even we know each other for a certain time but until now each time an accidentally touches, the feel appears and I don't why. (I don't understand why we that doesn't work out?)
I am definitely misses him so much!

There is another guy also my dearest but so far I just can rate him "good" not excellence. He did everything like the first guy but just the feel was lesser. As I mention before, the sparkle does lasted that long or maybe... but somehow I feel lucky to have him around me. Thank you. Keeping in progress!